Indipendent Director

Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

Tony Robbins

Certified independent (*) non-executive director, with solid corporate governance experience from managing a portfolio of mandates in investment fund structures and other non-regulated vehicles available in Luxembourg (investment funds/holding/GP/PSF) with a focus on private equity (PE) and real estate (RE).

International leadership experience in the Management of several private banks, with a solid career and more than 22 years of experience in private banking, in particular in asset management and capital markets. I have strong communication and analytical skills and good experience in the management and development of multicultural people, playing an active role on different boards bringing together different components, skills and cultures.

Thanks to the experience gained during my career, I have contributed to the governance of several Luxembourg funds and investment vehicles, adapting it to the evolution of the regulations imposed by the CSSF, carrying out our tasks with a high degree of commitment, integrity and diplomacy.

I am adept at interacting with stakeholders, sharing independent governance with a high degree of compliance with the rules imposed by the regulators.

My added values are solution orientation, commitment, openness to innovation and independence, the latter being fundamental to effective corporate governance.

My distinguishing characteristics are:    

– fully independent director – we are not part of any group

– Director certified by Guberna Institute of Administrators ( )

– Italian/Luxembourg nationality and domicile in Luxembourg

– excellent network of fund service providers, such as custodian banks and fund management companies/ ManCo/ AIFM in Luxembourg

– CSSF approved, excellent reputation and sufficient time to devote to the client

– Multiskilled, hands-on and able to cover any administrative, operational and financial aspect of the fund

(*) Guberna- Institute of Administrators ( )