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Tony Robbins

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, strategically located in the heart of Europe, stands out for its political and social stability, its skilled and multilingual workforce, its state-of-the-art infrastructure, its excellent connectivity with European and world markets as well as for its modern and constantly updated regulatory framework.

Today, Luxembourg enjoys the highest per capita income in all of Europe, a high productivity of its workforce, a constant budget balance, a public debt / GDP ratio that has always settled to minimum levels and a maintained AAA rating.

This country also has very competitive tax and social advantages compared to other European countries.

Aeffe Capital and its partners can support entrepreneurs who already have a presence in several European or extra European countries in the creation of a Luxembourg structure and in the eventual relocation of the company to Luxembourg.

Creating a company will involve establishing a presence in Luxembourg with an office, a manager with a minimal presence in the territory or an employee (even part-time) within the premises. It will also be essential to file the authorization request for establishment and the opening of a bank account.

Our consulting company will be able to accompany the customer in all of these phases from setup until the launch of the company.