Temporary Management

Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

Tony Robbins

Aeffe Capital will also be able to provide temporary managers with proven experience and track records, according to different needs, who will accompany the company from the constitution, research and creation of offices, staff training as well as “outsourced” managers to make sure the structure can be up-and-running immediately and ensure operations until the mandate is completed.

The temporary manager has the seniority and overall vision of the organization that allows him to intervene in a conscious and focused manner.

He is not rejected by the organization because he is passing through, does not compete with the corporate hierarchies; instead, he values the skills of the individual by creating new opportunities, knows how to communicate at various company levels, and is not indispensable because he also works to transfer managerial skills to the internal resources that will remain in the organization at the end of his mandate.

The Temporary managers who collaborate with Aeffe Capital are problem solvers, have strong professionalism, and an aptitude for communication. They are determined to achieve the set goals, are natural leaders, work as project managers, derive motivation from professional challenges, and do not like routine.