Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

Tony Robbins

Aeffe Capital acts as Advisor in the implementation of mergers, acquisitions, sales of companies, branches of companies or equity investments, assisting Italian and international companies and institutional investors throughout the entire process necessary to achieve the “closing” of the operation.
Our experience allows us to advise corporate investors and private equity investors through every phase of the merger and acquisition process regarding:

  • Analysis of strategic objectives, feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of the transaction and of the most favorable alternatives
  • Identification, selection and analysis of potential acquisitions
  • Search for potential industrial and financial partners both in Italy and abroad
  • Assistance in all phases of the operation in dealing with negotiation and financial aspects
  • Coordination of tax and legal aspects

Customer trust is the basis of our relationship, to help them achieve their growth goals and develop strategies appropriate to their goals and to take advantage of opportunities during the merger, acquisition or sale process.
The professional know-how, the partnership with important law and tax firms and independence from international financial groups, while maintaining the standards offered by the main international investment banks, with a reserved and be-spoke approach, allow us to identify and defend the client’s interests.
Experience in private banking helps us support the entrepreneur with equity partners We carry out strategic due diligence activities, to understand the levers and potential for creating value as well as the future positioning of the company, we provide an independent opinion regarding the creation of value for the company, industrial synergies and post-management transaction, in which we help the management to lay the foundations for extracting the value deriving from the transaction.