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Aeffe Capital and its partners have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and their players, as well as solid experience in private banking, corporate finance, and investment funds.

We support our clients from the definition to achieving of their strategic and tactical objectives, also taking care of financial and corporate governance aspects.

With a specialized team of experts and extensive experience in all areas, we ensure solutions tailored to clients’ needs. Our philosophy is “the client is at the center of everything,” with an approach that always starts with listening to the client’s needs to offer them the right solutions.

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Our Philosophy

One of the differentiating factors of our business is working with an international team of specialists who understand and meet the client’s needs; our banking experience helps us identify the client’s needs easily and follow the client throughout the management until the completion of the mandate.

completamento del mandato.

Track record

The Operating Team is composed of selected business partners with strong and long-standing experience in corporate finance and leading national and international companies.


Aeffe Capital employs senior professionals who are independent banking group members and avoids conflict of interest.

Long-term partnerships

Relationships with clients and business partners are vital to creating long-term partnerships.

International vision

Our location and our experience managing “the international desk” with a focus on Italy for leading international global banks make us the ideal partner for identifying, proposing, and implementing cross-border transactions.

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