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Investment fund creation

Luxembourg occupies a world-leading position in the fund industry. In recent years, it has developed alternative and innovative solutions for every asset class, including hedge funds, real estate funds, and private equity vehicles.

The world’s leading asset managers have chosen Luxembourg as a center for international fund offerings. Aeffe Capital and our legal and tax partners will be able to accompany you from project conception to funding approval. Before structuring a fund, we will choose the type and legal form of fund that best suits the investment strategies and needs of the shareholders.

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The size of the fund

Nationality and tax residence of the investors

Nature and complexity of the investment strategy

Investment fund

There are many different legal forms to consider, such as SICAVs (corporate entities) and FCPs (partnerships). All funds can be set up as a single or a multi-fund fund in which investors can invest in one or more sub-funds.

Luxembourg’s main advantage is that the ecosystem supporting investment managers (managers, custodian bank, administrators, etc.) is well structured.

Thanks to the strong expertise of our legal and tax teams and in close coordination with financial experts, we are able to create new structures such as alternative investment funds in the form of “SICARs” (introduced in 2004), specialized investment funds “SIFs” (introduced in 2007) and RAIFs (introduced in 2016).

If the initial sums are not significant, it is possible to create a soparfi in the form of SCsP, which will allow the investor to have a “light” structure that will enable him to find investors and have the place memorandum, i.e., the strategy applied to the structure. Once the ideal size is reached, the company can be transformed into an RAIF or SIF.

Aeffe Capital offers tailor-made solutions

to meet our clients' specificities and objectives regarding flexibility, liquidity, type of investments and investors, and risk distribution. We will also be able to select the different counterparties involved in the establishment of the vehicle, carrying out an "RFP" to reduce costs and choosing the right provider that best meets the client's needs. We will select:

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