Generational change

Finding the best way to transmit wealth to the next generation is one of our goals.

Aeffe Capital relies on the collaboration of senior professionals independent of banking groups who have gained significant experience in the areas of our activities and are able to find effective solutions for customers.

They support entrepreneurs, corporate executives, family businesses, where critical issues could possibly arise in a generational change, to find tailor-made solutions, to advise and assist the client with long-term asset planning solutions and to identify solutions suited to their needs.

Starting from the analysis of the needs and needs expressed by the client, Aeffe Capital and its partners are able to focus on the most suitable customized solutions for a serene and efficient management of personal and family interests, for rationalization, protection and transmission among the generations of the client’s total assets.

Aeffe Capital is able to offer customized solutions for sophisticated investors who wish to receive support to optimize taxes on income, wealth, transactions and succession as they live or work in multiple jurisdictions or as a result of changes in the economic, social or legal framework.

Life insurance is an essential product in the asset management sector for savings, investments and transferring wealth to the next generation.

Our partners are among the largest global insurance companies, able to offer contracts of different companies for every type of clientele and tax residence. The open architecture approach guarantees the impartiality of our choices. Beyond a certain degree of wealth, we think of alternative solutions to classic contracts. Our solutions allow optimal asset planning with the possibility of offering one or more advantages based on jurisdiction; Finally, we believe that life insurance in Luxembourg is the best solution for our customers.

Our independence from banking groups ensures an effective and independent result.