Investment funds

Luxembourg takes a position as one of the world leaders in the fund industry and has developed alternative and innovative solutions for every asset class including hedge funds, real estate funds and private equity vehicles in recent years.

The world’s leading asset managers have chosen Luxembourg as the center for their international fund ranges. The Grand Duchy offers unrivaled international expertise as well as a wide-ranging toolbox of investment vehicles.

Aeffe Capital and our legal and tax partners will be able to accompany the client from the “idea” of the project until the fund’s approval. Before structuring a fund, we will choose the type and legal form of Luxembourg fund that will attract investors for the particular investment strategies he or she wants to have. There are some key factors that come into play:

  • The size of the fund ;
  • Nationality and tax residency of the investors ;
  • Nature and complexity of the investment strategy.

There are many different legal forms to consider such as SICAV (corporate entities) and FCP (partnerships). All funds could be incorporated as a single fund or an umbrella fund where investors may invest in one or several compartments.

The key advantage of Luxembourg here is that the ecosystem to support investment managers (managers, depositary, administrators etc.) is very well organized.

Aeffe Capital provides tailor-made solutions to meet the specificities and objectives of our customers in terms of flexibility, liquidity, type of investments and investors and risk distribution; we will work in open architecture to provide a number of Luxemburg-based providers and professionals that can help the fund or investment manager to structure and administer different offers for the depositary bank, law firm and MANCO to choose the right provider that best meet the customer’s needs.

The solid expertise of our legal and tax teams and in close coordination with financial experts, we are able to create new structures as alternative investment funds in the form of “SICAR” (introduced in 2004), specialized investment funds “SIF” (introduced in 2007) and RAIF (introduced in 2016).