enterprise crisis

The enterprise crisis

A business crisis can manifest itself in various forms, such as financial difficulties, loss of customers, operational or management problems, financial imbalances, and the need for new resources for day-to-day management or business development. The causes of these crises can be many, including market changes, mismanagement, lack of innovation and intense competition. In a context of profound changes in the banking world and increasing selectivity in creditworthiness, companies find it increasingly difficult to access the necessary financial resources. Unforeseen events such as pandemics, rising energy costs and global economic crises have further increased the number of companies in difficulty.

To deal with a business crisis, it is essential to rely on a professional who can conduct a thorough analysis of the business situation. This makes it possible to identify the sources of financial problems and develop an action plan that may include reducing costs, renegotiating debts, finding new sources of financing or selling non-strategic assets.

Aeffe Capital S.A. and its partners are able to perform a detailed analysis of the company’s situation, prepare alternative scenarios by formalising them in structured business plans, and support the ownership and management in the implementation phase of the business plan and in the negotiation with bank and non-bank creditors.