Luxembourg life insurance

Life insurance is an essential product for the wealth management – for saving, for investing, and for passing on wealth to the next generation. It is always productive to underwrite a life insurance contract, depending on your goals – retirement, protection, savings, wealth inheritance, capital gains, additional revenues – and your financial, fiscal, legal and family circumstances.

Aeffe Capital and his partners can offers innovative solutions based on the specific needs of their clients, understanding the complexities facing today’s wealthy individuals, families and institutions. From managing the succession and wealth planning needs of an internationally mobile family, to navigating the complexities of cross border regulation for our institutional clients, we offer tailored, flexible solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs.

We take the time to understand the unique situations of individuals and families to develop bespoke solutions that give our clients confidence that their assets will be transferred according to their wishes.

Our partners are among the biggest global insurance companies and offer branded contracts for every set of circumstances, country and nationality; we work in open architecture with different assurance company to guarantees the impartiality of our advice.

Beyond a certain degree of wealth amount, we look at alternative solutions to classic contracts able to offer a tailor made solutions.

With a worldwide reputation across the financial industry continually improving over the last 10 years, Luxembourg is now considered one of the major international centres, benefiting from political, economic and fiscal stability and an AAA rating (S&P’s).

Today Luxembourg is the heart of private banking in Europe, the largest centre outside the US for the management and administration of investment funds, and the capital of the pan-European cross-border life insurance industry.

A Luxembourg insurance company provides key advantages to investors:

  • A tax-efficient environment

Interest, income, dividends and capital gains from life insurance funds in Luxembourg are reinvested gross of taxes. Moreover, certain withholding taxes can be refunded on the basis of the broad Double Tax Treaties network (81). Although, a client’s tax situation will ultimately depend on the rules of their country of residence, the tax-exempt status of Luxembourg life insurance funds provides a strong advantage.

  • Europe’s strongest investor protection regime

Luxembourg’s laws and regulations aim to ensure maximum protection of policyholders on several different levels. This mechanism, known as the “Triangle of Security”, ensures that the deposits in respect of policyholder liabilities are clearly segregated from the company’s other assets and are held on separate bank accounts. It also provides for the legal separation of the clients’ assets from those of the life company’s shareholders and creditors. Moreover, the custodian bank is itself also required to segregate the assets and protect the interests of life assurance policyholders.

The segregation of assets is monitored each quarter by the supervisory authority. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy of the insurer, the Commissariat aux Assurances may block the accounts to protect the policyholders’ rights.

Our partners solutions allow for optimal wealth planning with potential to deliver one or more advantages depending on the jurisdiction; we believe that the Luxembourg life assurance is the best solution for our clients.